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The Podcast of 3rd Degree. Independent coverage of soccer in North Texas with a focus on FC Dallas, founded in 1997. Hosted by the contributing members of 3rdDegree.Net Formally partnered with ESPN/Dallas and the Dallas Morning News. https://www.patreon.com/3rdDegree

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 3rd Degree the Podcast #42

    A preview of FCD's playoff game in Seattle and how exactly will the Zobra's newly discovered form play into it? Plus, will the club play favorites on weighing which players travel with FCD and who stays behind for NTXSC's USL1 Championship game? ...


  2. 3rd Degree the Podcast #41

    It's a foursome! Joined by the powerful John Lenard, the group discuss the news that Paxton has signed a new, long-term deal and what does it all mean? Plus the team got into the playoff, so how and where does it go from here? Plus a preview of ...


  3. 3rd Degree the Podcast #40

    On the heels of losing a game they needed to win (again) the trio tries to figure out the news about Globe Life Park, Advocare, the "salary dump," and the frightful state of the team as it nosedives to the last regular season game. ...


  4. 3rd Degree the Podcast #39

    The dudes wonder how a 1st minute goal is allowed against the Pigeons and Buzz explains why Pax didn't start. Plus a dose of Badji-bashing, scenario explaining and lots of questions on how everyone screwed up the concussion incident. Also, a dash of academy and Open Cup talk. ...


  5. 3rd Degree the Podcast #38

    Head's up - this one has some audio quality problems - The guys give a review of the "1 point in 2 games" roadtrip, Buzz and Peter get into a wickedly heated argument over Jesus vs Pax, and Dan coughs up a lung giving a report on his trip to ...