Episode 203

March 16, 2023


3rd Degree the Podcast #202

Hosted by

Buzz Carrick Peter Welpton Dan Crooke
3rd Degree the Podcast #202
3rd Degree the Podcast
3rd Degree the Podcast #202

Mar 16 2023 | 01:15:10


Show Notes

This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast, your hosts - Buzz Carrick and Peter Welpton (Dan Crooke is on vacation) - clear the deck on the Bayern Munich deal and its end.  Plus there's plenty of action to break down in the somewhat pleasing tie at Vancouver, a training report from Buzz including a Jesus Jimenez update, some love for Nkosi Tafari, a look ahead to Sporting KC, the latest on the Jones/Hunt team up to bring the World Cup to Dallas, and just a tiny smattering of kit talk. 

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Music by Pappy Check!

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