Episode 44

November 25, 2019


Bonus Episode - Patron Q&A

Hosted by

Buzz Carrick Peter Welpton Dan Crooke
Bonus Episode - Patron Q&A
3rd Degree the Podcast
Bonus Episode - Patron Q&A

Nov 25 2019 | 00:36:59


Show Notes

As a bonus for all the 3rd Degree the Podcast listeners out there in this winter of little to no FC Dallas action, here's a 35-minute Q&A Buzz Carrick did for the 3rd Degree Patrons back on November 12th. If you like what we do at 3rd Degree and on this podcast, or if you like what you hear in this bonus Q&A, perhaps you will consider supporting 3rd Degree at https://www.patreon.com/3rdDegree.

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