Episode 196

February 02, 2023


3rd Degree the Podcast #196

Hosted by

Buzz Carrick Peter Welpton Dan Crooke
3rd Degree the Podcast #196
3rd Degree the Podcast
3rd Degree the Podcast #196

Feb 02 2023 | 00:59:28


Show Notes

FC Dallas is out of the country, but this week on 3rd Degree the Podcast your hosts - Peter Welpton, Dan Crooke, and Buzz Carrick - still managed to find lots to talk about.  There are two extra players in camp - Herbert Endeley and Andre Costa - does it mean anything?  Buzz gets on a soapbox about the preseason schedule. We dig deep into the new Apple TV deal. And lastly, we have some love for the first FCD U17 named to a National Team for this year's upcoming Concacaf Championships. 

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Music by Pappy Check

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