Episode 190

December 16, 2022


3rd Degree the Podcast #190

Hosted by

Buzz Carrick Peter Welpton Dan Crooke
3rd Degree the Podcast #190
3rd Degree the Podcast
3rd Degree the Podcast #190

Dec 16 2022 | 01:07:55


Show Notes

The offseason continues for FC Dallas so this week on 3rd Degree the Podcast your hosts Dan Crooke and Buzz Carrick (Peter Welpton is still MIA) start to ask questions. Is there a front-line center back coming?  Is FC Dallas really going with standing pat? Was it the right call to extend Marco Farfan? How does Geovane Jesus fit in?  Is it time to trade a midfielder?  What holes need to be filled

Also, shoutout to Jaedyn Shaw who has been nominated for US Soccer Young Female Player of the Year. 

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Music by Pappy Check! Make sure and stay for the close music. 

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