Episode 186

November 17, 2022


3rd Degree the Podcast #186

Hosted by

Buzz Carrick
3rd Degree the Podcast #186
3rd Degree the Podcast
3rd Degree the Podcast #186

Nov 17 2022 | 01:12:16


Show Notes

This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast, our usual host Peter Welpton was missing due to World Cup commitments.  So Buzz Carrick and Dan Crooke brought in a pinch hitter, please welcome FCD play-by-play broadcaster Owen Newkirk who steps into Peter's not-so-small hosting shoes. 

As for FC Dallas, the club finally made some player contract moves, giving us plenty to talk about. So much so that we ended up with over 2 hours of recorded podcast before we even added the sponsors and music.  

So the show has been cut in two. We hope you enjoy Part 1 of our DTID 2023 player moves show.

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Music by Pappy Check! Make sure and stay for the close music. 

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