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The Podcast of 3rd Degree. Independent coverage of soccer in North Texas with a focus on FC Dallas, founded in 1997. Hosted by the contributing members of 3rdDegree.Net Formally partnered with ESPN/Dallas and the Dallas Morning News. https://www.patreon.com/3rdDegree

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 3rd Degree the Podcast #18

    The trio discuss the looming trade of Pedroso and what powered that decision, and the even more looming concerns around FCD's conditioning and hamstring issues. Plus an update on Pax and how long it will be before you see him in a Dallas shirt again. ...


  2. 3rd Degree the Podcast #17

    The trio returns to wallow in a consecutive 'victory pod' and chatter about all the interesting talking points from Dallas' big road win in the ATL. Plus why everyone should be at Saturday's game against San Jose - they're not the side you think they are. And we top ...


  3. 3rd Degree the Podcast #16

    Rejoice! Dan returns to the pod to discuss the breaking news about MLS expansion to 30 teams and participating in youth player compensation. Also lots about what's up with the young Huntsmen and why they seem to be lose composure late in games. Also a chat about a ...


  4. 3rd Degree the Podcast #15

    Arman Kafai joins Buzz and Peter to mourn the loss in Philly and discuss the many questions surrounding Luchi's confidence in "the kids" and wildly speculate exactly what team rule was violated. Plus a smidge of Dallas Cup preview. ...


  5. 3rd Degree the Podcast #14

    Dan Crooke has gone missing so Buzz and Peter are left to bathe in the warm waters of a victory-podcast without him. Pax-hype hits an all time high and a kid named Pepi has his own huge soccer IPO on the same day. ...