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The Podcast of 3rd Degree. Independent coverage of soccer in North Texas with a focus on FC Dallas, founded in 1997. Hosted by the contributing members of 3rdDegree.Net Formally partnered with ESPN/Dallas and the Dallas Morning News. https://www.patreon.com/3rdDegree

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  1. 3rd Degree the Podcast #139

    Peter's back!  This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast, Buzz Carrick and Dan Crooke are rejoined by the maestro of the mic, Peter Welpton.  Yes, FC Dallas made some roster moves and your trio does talk about that. But it's all in on the new - yet to be officially ...


  2. 3rd Degree the Podcast #138

    This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast, Dan Crooke and Buzz Carrick deal with the loss of Peter Welpton who is missing for either his Birthday or Thanksgiving, we're not sure which.  So it's a Q&A episode and the remaining due try to answer all your questions. FC Dallas, Pepi, ...


  3. 3rd Degree the Podcast #137

    This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast we continue our DTID offseason talk.  Dan Crooke, Peter Welpton, and Buzz Carrick hand out FC Dallas season awards, talk El Tren and the National Team, delve into new (potential?) coach candidates (and one that is out), hand out some love for recent ...


  4. 3rd Degree the Podcast #136

    The season is over, so this week on 3rd Degree the Podcast it's time to play Dump or Keep. Your hosts - Peter Welpton, Dan Crooke, and Buzz Carrick - break down the entire FC Dallas roster handing out Dump or Keep verdicts.  FC Dallas wasn't very good in 2021, ...


  5. 3rd Degree the Podcast #135

    This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast, your hosts - Buzz, Peter, and Dan - tear down the action from the season's penultimate game and prep you for the final. We're talking Tafari, Obrian, Cerrillo, Servania, Ferreira, and Jara's game-winner.  We got Pepi and Jesus call-up discussion, another post-game FC Dallas ...