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The Podcast of 3rd Degree. Independent coverage of soccer in North Texas with a focus on FC Dallas, founded in 1997. Hosted by the contributing members of 3rdDegree.Net Formally partnered with ESPN/Dallas and the Dallas Morning News. https://www.patreon.com/3rdDegree

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 3rd Degree the Podcast Special Episode - Luchi Fired

    It had to be done. This episode I mean. Luchi has been fired, so 3rd Degree the Podcast put together an extra special episode to talk over the game-changing move.  How did we get here? Why did Luchi get fired? What's next for FCD? Who is next for FCD?  Buzz Carrick, ...


  2. 3rd Degree the Podcast #128

    This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast Peter Welpton and Buzz Carrick make do with half a Dan Crooke. (RIP Dan. Don't ask.) It's a breakdown of the good and bad vs San Jose and NYC, what needs desperate fixing for the Houston game, some big picture talk on how ...


  3. 3rd Degree the Podcast #127

    This week on 3rd Degree the Podcast; your hosts Peter Welpton, Dan Crooke, and Buzz Carrick dive into the swimming pool of joy that comes from the Ricardo Pepi show. Then it's a dig into the RSL loss, a training report from Buzz, and some look ahead talk about the ...


  4. 3rd Degree the Podcast #126

    It's a slow week in FC Dallas land with just one game but what a doozy it was.  Two-thirds of 3rd Degree the Podcast made a road trip to Austin... that went a bit sideways.  After rescue and safe return to Dallas; Peter, Dan, and Buzz tell some road trip ...


  5. 3rd Degree the Podcast #125

    Peter is back on this week's edition of 3rd Degree the Podcast and that's a good thing cause Buzz and Dan need help as Pepi watch is on. El Tren for the US or Mexico? The answer came down mid-show! Plus FCD got points on the road against a rival, Fafa ...